Bret bielema dating

The most fun college football love story may be Bret and Jen Bielema.Well, they hold the title until Kliff Kingsbury is spotted dating an actress or something. In its game notes this weekend, the school published quite the number of paragraphs about the couple.Oregon and Iowa have done it before, but they will 'de-load' the work on Thursday and increase the work on Friday. Dean is getting better but could be a question on Saturday.There will be a more up-tempo practice that will be somewhere between a walk-through and a full practice.-All the players who were previously in green jerseys are back. Dominique Reed was out there full go on Sunday.-Bielema commented on scholarships given to Reid Miller and Anthony Antwine and how much they deserved scholarships."He's a prideful guy, and he says what's on his mind, but it just hasn't worked out for him.''Arkansas is now 0-9 under Bielema in games decided by fewer than 10 points.

The fact that the Wisconsin State Journal ran this story on Bret Bielema and his date, one Sabrina Holtzman (don't Google-stalk her, you'll just get her half-marathon time), at the 2007 Frostiball (read: prom for upper-middle-class-and-better adults who live in the Madison area) makes it acceptable -- nay, it obligates me! He has primarily targeted the type of offense Texas Tech runs, citing a study earlier this year that "players in the no-huddle, hurry-up offense play the equivalent of five more games than those that don't," which leads to an increase in injuries."We have an obligation to do what's right," he said in March."I can't understand how some guys can't see that."Kingsbury's belief in the spread prompted him to make it clear he had a point to prove in Texas Tech's win Saturday night, one that also avenged a 49-28 drubbing last season at the hands of the power-based Razorbacks."To walk in there and say those [things], it definitely rubbed me the wrong way,'' said Kingsbury, who reportedly didn't shake Bielema's hand after the game.Arkansas has been so bad this season that the image of him tumbling to his knees is the most memorable thing that's happened to the Razorbacks football program. -Bielema said they had a really good practice with good tempo on Sunday.

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