Dating a computer science paulina gretzky dating stoll

If you’re not dating a computer science major, this is the number one reason to start. If one scene in a movie has any sort of fallacy, they point it out and the entire movie is ruined for them.

There’s no more getting put on hold for hours or paying for repair services. No, I didn’t accidentally press the “m” key instead of the “n” key and no, I’m not trying to spell “conscious”. A computer science major will also be the first to correct your logic when it’s wrong. A computer science major will try for hours to help you understand how to download a file on your computer or how to fix a bug on your phone.

The ability to find a soul mate is becoming extremely difficult for anyone interested in science of technology.

Computer science students remain single because of the concepts and ideas taught to them throughout their studies.

Computer science majors aren’t your stereotypical video game playing nerds.

However, once you date a computer science major, you definitely can relate to their habits. You haven’t had to deal with the annoying technology customer service people in quite some time. Their life revolves around technology and programming and the idea that every problem has a solution. Don’t be offended when they give you the silent treatment for beating them in a board game or cheats when you play arcade games. You will never understand what they do, but you’re convinced it’s some sort of internet black magic.

From talking about the latest celebrity gossip, you can effortlessly glide into a conversation about his impeccable taste in music (that has kept him company over many coding hours) to that awesome Spaghetti Bolognese he cooked the other day.

Unfortunately, not all students require the aid of their professors and would be happier if they were allowed more time to socialize and meet new people.

Twenty six members of Harvard’s Undergraduate Council signed a letter admonishing the dastardly programmers for not including other genders (including “genderqueer” and “non gender-conforming”) in their list of options.

Instead, Datamatch simply had a small box in the profile allowing students to elaborate on their sexual identification and preferences, if they first selected either “male” or “female.” Students said that such a setup was insufficient because it implied that the “gender binary” was “normal.” “Calling gender non-conformity or any gender non-binary identity ‘extra’ is sort of tactless nomenclature,” one student told the Harvard’s BGLTQ Caucus chair, Nicholas Whittaker, presented the letter.

The mentality held by the faculty, general computing concepts, programming tactics and coding fundamentals all bring about the end of the students chance to date.

One of the main problems with the average computer science majors social life is the lack of time to go out and have fun.

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