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And processed meat is loaded with sodium, which can raise blood pressure.Although it’s often thought of as the healthier option, chicken and turkey have been found to be more strongly associated with weight gain than eating red or processed meat, a new study finds. “If you’re just eating protein, you’re not getting carbohydrates, which you need for energy, so instead you’re burning fat,” Frechman adds.But is there any weight to either of these eating ways? All-meat cons “Meats have high levels of saturated fat and can raise cholesterol,” Frechman says.Because of it’s high-fat content, red meat has been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The carb-phobic diet book was written in the ‘70s and got insanely popular in the ‘90s; since then, people have obsessed over their meat intake.

New findings show that even early Neanderthals ate—and cooked—vegetables.

But pot heads, on average, scored higher on the Insomnia Severity Index—about 20% of nonsmokers were classified as insomniacs, while 39% of daily smokers met the criteria.

They also tended to sleep fewer hours, get poorer-quality sleep, and feel less restored than other groups.

This would be the first time most of my family will meet him.

Recently my sister phoned me in tears, stating that the family is upset that my date would be bringing his family, and so the dinner is canceled.

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