Dating victorian bottles

Antique Bottles of Baltimore: collection contains bottles from the 1790s onward.

There are pictures of each of the bottles and detailed descriptions with some analysis. Aussie Bottle Digger: This site contains information about antique bottles in Australia. Artifacts from Phillipsburg, Norfolk Island: Examples Chinese export porcelain, English wares, terra cotta; wine and spirit, gin, medicine bottles; decanters & window glass Bank/6559/scc125Smithsonian Institution Website -- Ceramics: 18th c.

W9780 Rare Georgian wine glass with bell bowl on composite multispiral airtwist stem above annulated collar, compressed knop, compressed beaded knop and short straight section, on domed foot. W9894 Superb pair of Georgian rummers with barrel shaped bowls cut with a band of diamonds over basal swirling mitre flutes and blazes, on blade knopped stems and feet cut with radiating mitre flutes.

W1471 Beautiful pair of Georgian wine glasses with round funnel bowls finely engraved with Britannia holding an olive sprig* surround by flowers and foliage, on stems cut with hollow hexagonal facets. 9932 Fine Georgian ale flute wuth round funnel bowl engraved with a bunch of hops wioth a pair of leaves and two pairs of barley ears crossed, on multispiral airtwist stem with shoulder and centre knops. W7998 Lovely Georgian wine glass with round funnel bowl engraved with a hatched and festooned border with pendants over sprays of foliage, on opaque twist stem with spiral lace twist over corkscrew.

Many collectors are attracted to the world of bottles due to the clues they hold about the past.

Welcome to, a resource for identifying vintage bottles of bourbon and rye.

It’s one of those things where the learning curve is initially steep but then, suddenly, it becomes much easier and one can (almost) whip through the many e Bay listings to single out the bottles which fit your precise parameters.

So, today, we’ll spend quite a bit of time on the bottle designs for vintage Shalimar, their history, their appearance, their packaging, their differences, and the methods used to try to date the bottles.

Old Antique Bottles: old antique and vintage manufactured and hand blown glass bottles used for milk, drugs, bitters, pharmacy, embalming along with coffee and fruit jars.

They are for sale and there are no descriptions of them, but it is still a useful resource.

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