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Why do we put so much of our energy into trying to figure out this simple decision? Of all the things I remember from my single days, that’s probably one of the most memorable; the “ call him” conundrum. If he hasn't called and you really want to talk to him, if he’s the right guy for you and you’re the right woman for him, it won’t matter. You can call if you want to; he can call if he wants to. You know, the one where you call your best girlfriends, or maybe even your mom, and go over the pros and cons of calling him or waiting for him to call. And I started thinking about why it’s so hard for us to wait for him to call. But then we read something else that says, no, boy chases girl. At this point, we’re right back to where we started. You can wait if you want to, or don’t wait if you don’t want to. Well, it can all be just a tad confusing when we’re trying to figure out what to do and how to navigate these waters. With a real guy who wants a relationship with you, it’s easy. Just follow your heart and know that whether you end up calling or not, waiting for him to call or not, it’s OK. Since then, I've gotten a lot of questions about dating protocol regarding whether we should go ahead and call him, or wait it out and see if he comes around. Being or doing something that’s just not really what you’re all about. All those books and advice from friends about the rules and all that stuff, it doesn't matter.

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Plus, getting a woman’s number is a kind of “trophy” to show to other immature men. If he’s this kind of guy, you don’t want to hang out with him anyway.

The good news is that you CAN understand exactly how to handle literally every situation you'll ever encounter when it comes to calling, emailing, and texting the man you want. Knowing what to do will become second nature to you, once you discover the reasons behind what to do - and what not to do - when it comes to calling men!

Carlie had no idea that her innocent calls caused Jack to feel that she wasn't the elusive, thrilling girl he first thought she was.

I'm not saying that if he doesn't get in touch, you should forget about him.

Something may have come up out of the ordinary that prevented him from coming through.

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