Eye color dating

different.""Go on.""Well, when your hair is so vivid a color, it's kind of like a tattoo. They want understated and down-to-earth."He has a point.

It suggests an alternative lifestyle.""Alternative to boring! My personality seems big enough without the added Lucille Ball reference. My journey begins at Eva Scrivo's Bond Street salon, a welcoming space with very few men around.

From grade-school dances in gyms to corporate happy hours, I’ve been “swiped left” on more than my fair share. You’ll date more attractive men.] As it turns out, my good-looking friends aren’t completely out of touch.

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[via: University of Vermont] Lucky for me, my eyes are brown…but people say that it means I’m full of you know what!

They can tell us when someone is lying or telling the truth, and they can even tell us when someone is in love.

And apparently, our peepers can tell us a lot more about ourselves and others than we once thought.

Do you know how difficult this color is to maintain?

Within two weeks there's more bright sienna on my towels than on my head, and the whole effect is muted considerably.

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