Internet explorer feeds not updating

Complete the below mentioned steps to start syncing Internet Explorer browsing history and favorites.NOTE: You must have Microsoft account to use sync feature in Windows 8.The window stays put even if they switch desktop spaces.If you install a new add-on or a new software in Windows and if the software automatically adds a toolbar or Explorer bar in Internet Explorer web browser, you get a popup notification message in Internet Explorer that "The 'xx' add-on from 'xx' is ready for use". If you click on "Enable" button, the add-on is activated immediately.Only when that problem is a page-breaker will we go so far as to redesign the page.

Click on Yes and it will automatically fill in the password next time you enter that user name.

Step 2: On the left-hand side of PC settings, click on Sync your settings to see all sync related settings on the right-hand side.

Step 3: First, enable the option named Sync settings on this PC.

But if you check Don't offer to remember any more passwords, then whether you click on Yes or No, you won't be prompted again.

To recover this feature, launch Internet Options from IE's Tools menu, select the Content tab, click on the Auto Complete button, and check Prompt me to save passwords.

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