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Residents in a neighbourhood of the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, reported the men, aged 23 and 20, to police on March 29, said Marzuki, who goes by a single name.

2 suspected Indonesian lesbians spared 100 cane lashes but will undergo ‘rehabilitation’ He said the men had “confessed” to being a gay couple and that this was supported by video footage taken by a resident that has been circulating online.

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READ MORE: * Two men in Aceh to receive 85 lashes for gay sex * Indonesia at flashpoint over gay rights​ ​* Calls for gay men convicted for homosexuality be compensated * Indonesia asks messaging apps to remove same-sex emojis in LGBT backlash Rights activists condemned the raid as a violation of privacy.

"These detentions set a bad precedent for gender and sexual minorities," Legal Aid Jakarta, a coalition of lawyers and activists, said in a statement.

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