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What if Englewood in the next 10 years will be the new Hyde Park? But there's an exciting entrepreneurial element too: "Something's going to happen here in Englewood. We might want to get in early." And so hours after their visit to Whole Foods, Jasper Taylor continued the "what if?

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These opening messages must be exciting, intriguing and interactive. But for a guy that she met a bar while she was out with her friends, or a guy from school, or a guy who’s a friend of a friend…you can see how your texts are already at the bottom of the pyramid. But if she gets a text that makes her smile or laugh, or grabs her attention and piques her interest, or gets her horny and excited…then she’s much more likely to respond back. Today I got kale, chard, broccoli, and a cute girl’s number.” “Need to study later? That’s what you want to do to get her texting you back.

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