Newlywed dating game

Maybe it’s been a few years; you’re not new to this parenting thing any more. It’s the logical outcome of the presence in your home of another person — a demanding, high-maintenance person whom you must feed and constantly cater to.

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Or better yet…hire me 🙂 haha Here’s a few photos of the bride playing along with the DVD. 3) If your bride could only bring one item on your honeymoon, what would she bring? 7) What would the bride say is your most annoying habit?

“What room number did you stay in during your honeymoon? “What advice would your husband give his best friend if he were announcing his marriage tomorrow? “What is the one thing your husband really wanted to do before you were married? “What do you have at least one of every single day to keep the doctor away (besides an apple)?

“How much cash is your husband carrying with him right now? “Which of your husband’s possessions does he treasure the most?

Showering your bride but don’t want to forget about the groom?

For my friend Dianna’s shower (you can see all the shower photos here), I sat down with the groom, Adam, and asked him some simple questions about the bride!

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