Resource designer cs not updating

After the updates I cannot build the Android version anymore.This is an issue I faced everytime after updating packes so far, but this time I can't solve this problem.If no editor is registered for that file type, the file is opened in the Windows default application for that type. Strongly-typed resources encapsulate access to resources by creating classes that contain a set of static, read-only (Get) properties at compile time.You can consume resources by using the Get properties rather than using the property that specifies whether they are linked or embedded.After an hour or two of tearing my hair out I compared the project file to a previous version and realised that the build action had been set to and when I specified this everything returned to normal.I am adding a file called to my drawable folder when I set the src property of my Image View to @drawable/citybase the image is not showing up in the design view.We always have a problem that not updating automatically when we add new controls in markup or the designer, and if we want to get it in code behind, it doesn’t show up. I have met this problem when I add a usercontrol in aspx file.

App Compat/ and I'm experiencing compilation issues on Android, which seems to be caused by Acr. Inspecting the Resource.class I realize that no reference is being generated for any files I add to the drawable folder(except for the default Icon of course).today I updated the Nu Get packages for our Android version (we are currently developing for Android and i OS).Items that you add to the project by using the Resource Designer are placed in the Resources directory for your project. For example, if you add a resource file by using , its settings are kept in a separate file and do not appear in the Project Designer.The designer information is stored in a file named Resources.resx, and code for the resource is stored in Resources. Double-clicking a resource's file opens a separate Resource Designer for that resource.

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