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Identifying Symptomatic Behavior Assessing Interpersonal Relationships Distinguishing from Other Disorders Community Q&A Schizoid personality disorder (schizoid PD) is a cluster A personality disorder characterized by odd or eccentric social behavior that is consistent across a wide range of relationships and situations.

Most people who suffer from it are high functioning and thus unaware of any impairment.

The most common types of personality disorders are obsessive compulsive disorder, paranoid disorder, and antisocial disorder.

Personality refers to the mental, emotional, and behavioral characteristics that define the psychological identity of a person.

However, the lack of interest in and ability to maintain interpersonal relationships can become increasingly distressful without treatment.

schizoid personality disorder are so good at pretending that they are “good” in social situations that they may be seen by others as narcissists.

But he can steal your heart, rob you of your time and kill you slowly from the inside out like radiation that eats at your heart and soul.

In fact, around 15% of the people living in the United States meet the criteria for diagnosis for at least one type of personality disorder. He cannot engage in intimacy, cannot compliment me, and cites a mental disconnect as the issue -- meaning he THINKS about things he wishes to do with me/say to me, but cannot act on it. Am I a bad person for considering leaving in order to get my needs fulfilled? I'm so lost because I don't think I can change enough to make him comfortable. Also, he doesn't actively seek psychological help with this matter. He will probably understand and accept your leaving.If you can't do this AND be happy then you should get out. He's done his research, spoken with fellow like-minded individuals. Earlier on he described one of the tests he took during the diagnostic process.It determines a person’s physical, mental, and emotional responses to certain situations.A personality disorder is a mental condition that prevents a person from thinking and behaving in a flexible way to conform to social expectations.

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