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What happens when the couple love tea and vegetables…this wedding!

I absolutely love that Claire and Steve put so much of their life and personalities in to their day.

Peter, 42, known to his friends as Butch, yesterday resigned his post as head of communications for Victor Chandler.

Thanks x first pregnacy was fab never sick bloomed didnt show much until 20 weeks (had her at 30 but that different story) second pregnany sick as a dog from day one looked rough, showed straight away & put in sooo much weight it was a boy, third pregnancy felt fine was sick twice the whole time so not bad think it was more to do with dirty nappies, bloomed, didnt show till 20 weeks & guess what another girl x im 14 weeks pregnant have a 22 month old my first pregnancy with my son was brilliant had a bit of sickness but thats it rest of it i bloomed this time around i have felt so badly weak tired off near enuff all foods i showed at around 8 weeks with my son not even showing yet wondering if im having a girl would love another boy thought :/ xx hello im 7 weeks with my second also.

ive been expecting the sickness any day now as with my first (DD) i was awfully sick to the piont where i was loosin weight and surviving only on apples and water towards the end!! this time around im feelin a little dizzy and sick first thing in morning but then it gradually fades away during the day.

He used to work in the city so was getting up and leaving the house before I was even awake, so I would often come downstairs to the mug and teabag combo with an arrangement of various kitchen items in smiley faces, hearts etc.

The cups sat on lace-bound piles of leather bound books and these sat on a log slice with a hurricane vase and a Taylors of Harrogate tea caddy, with a different caddy designating the different tables – the seating plan featured a polaroid of each caddy with a list of guests beneath it.

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