Who is soldier boy dating

Yachty recently sat down for an interview withe Power 105’s DJ Self and had high praise for Soulja, putting him in his top six MCs of all time, when asked to put together a short list by the DJ.Back in April, Yachty announced he was going to put out a mixtape with Soulja Boy and Lil B.I’ma beat the shit out of that nigga.” What’s with all the aggression?

People are fake as f—k.” While we weren’t certain if Soulja Boy aka Dre was merely reflecting on life, or speaking about Nia in particular, he cleared that up just a few hours later.The tale has commanded fans and critics’ attention, culminating in the Soulja Boy Challenge, which has taken over the internet. We’ve dug deep into Soulja Boy’s history to compile a timeline of the rapper’s most notorious beefs to date.Wu-Tang Clan member GZA has never been one to bite his tongue, and he had a few words for Soulja Boy during a show in London in December of 2007.Breezy allegedly challenged Soulja to a “fight,” and things quickly took a scary turn.Chris posted a (now deleted) video where his friends held up guns while allegedly threatening Soulja Boy!

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